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GP422 container seal

The GP422 container seals are used for securing truck trailers and cargo containers. These bolt seals are designed to act as a one-time use product, which means once the seal has been locked it must be removed by destroying the seal. Each bolt seal features a unique laser engraved serial number on both the bolt shaft and the locking mechanism. Also, feature an anti-spin feature that provides added security to prevent unauthorized access. These bolt seals also feature a unique metal-on-metal interlocking mechanism for added cargo security and are C-TPAT compliant and meet the new design and construction standards of ISO 17712:2013.

Stock color: Light blue

Minimum Order Quantity: 50 pieces.
Gp422 container seal
Gp422 container seal


DS422 Container Seal

  • Made of Steel bolt and Plastic covered locking body
  • ISOPAS 17712 certificate available
  • Wings on the bolt prevent tampering the seal by spinning the body
  • Laser marking company name and 8 digits serial number
  • Same serial number printed on the bolt for enhanced security
  • Barcode option for mobile applications (Code128, Int2/5, etc)
  • Pull-apart strength : 1000 Kgf
  • Working temperature : -40C / +120C

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