DS565 Fix length seal


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DS565 Fix length Seal

One tool often used in supply chain security programs is security seals. There are two primary types of shipping container seals indicative and barrier. Indicative seals demonstrate if the item being sealed has been tampered with. They can easily be broken since their function is to demonstrate entry, not deter it.

These security seals are typically used on air transportation, rail cars and long-haul trucks.

Stock color: White

Minimum Order Quantity: 100 pieces.

Gp422 container seal


DS565 Fix length Seal

  • Made of Polypropylene (PP) body
  • Polyacethale insert for enhanced security with ultrasonic welded assembly
  • Company logo and 8 digits consecutive numbering on the flag
  • Laser printing option
  • Barcode option for mobile applications (Code128, Int 2/5, etc.)
  • Shipped in mats of 10 pieces
  • Pull-apart strength : 15 Kgf
  • Working temperature : -40°C / +80°C